The Ayub Hamdard Foundation appeals to family, friends, and all individuals around the globe to support our volunteer work.

Ayub Hamdard Foundation (AHF) is a charity dedicated to supporting communities and individuals in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, providing relief in the form of basic necessities, including shelter, blankets, warm clothing, medicines, clean water, and food, to meet the needs of vulnerable mountain communities in the worst-affected regions.

In Pakistan, glaciers found in the northern mountain ranges of the Karakoram Himalaya and Hindu Kush are the largest found anywhere in the world excluding the polar regions. Pakistan frequently experiences the devastating effects of floods, landslides, earthquakes, and diminishing glaciers¬—largely due to global warming. Following these natural disasters, many people remain stranded in the affected areas, often having lost almost all of their belongings, including food supplies, crops, stock, and even their homes and very livelihoods. Furthermore, these natural disasters damage infrastructure, leaving broken bridges, impassable roads, and disrupted communications, electricity, and water supplies.

If you donate to AHF, you can be assured that, thanks to our compassionate volunteers, 100% of your donation will be used for the benefit of remote mountain communities in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral for the essential causes of relief from natural disasters, health, education, women’s empowerment, cultural harmony, and serving underprivileged children.

At Ayub Hamdard Foundation, we believe that all human beings have a responsibility to one another to bring about positive change in this world. Your generous donation can truly make a huge difference to people in Pakistan’s remote mountain regions.


Corona Virus Pandemic

Supporting Vulnerable Families

More recent the coronavirus pandemic a potentially catastrophic in terms of economic and social impacts globally. For those already struggling with the consequences of other humanitarian disasters the pandemic adds to current hardships. Coronavirus will significantly impact those in poverty the hardest they are likely to be deepen and long - lasting among the impoverished struggling communities who are more vulnerable as they are poorer to start with will experience deterioration in living conditions and a deepening of poverty. Pandemics ravage humanity with people living in poverty the poor disproportionately affected and among the most vulnerable social distancing and access to medical care is difficult and sometimes impossible hence dire implications.

Water Facilities

Ayub Hamdard Foundation implemented water facilities to several villages to provide communities access to safe and reliable clean drinking water. These facilities will provide lifesaving clean water preventing spread of diseases and viruses. They will also stop the spread of epidemics and pandemics like coronavirus as well as change many lives of those who would walk long distances to fetch water.

Ramadaan Food Distribution

Ramadaan Food Distribution one of charity's annual events Ramadaan food packages and Eid food parcels deliveries were challenging with social distancing implemented amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Ayub Hamdard Foundation volunteers and local people gave their support to distribute food packages to struggling beneficiaries included widows orphans and the disabled in remote communities in various parts of Yasin Darmandar Upper lshkoman Chassi Nala Phandar and remote Qurumbar Valley lshkoman Ghizer.

Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorships assist financially challenging students in rural and remote communities in Gilgit - Baltistan. Sponsors contribute to the development and wellbeing for sponsored children to assist them to achieve their true potential through education with the opportunity to witness young lives transform for the future and invest in communities.

Fundraising Impact

Fundraising has been affected drastically by the coronavirus pandemic with activities and events either cancelled or postponed while uncertainty looms. Pandemic has had a negative impact on charities to meet their objectives it has its ability to fundraise and reduced activities in a significant way. Ayub Hamdard Foundation remains tirelessly committed to make progress for people affected by poverty but there are difficult times ahead.


Flash Floods

Pakistan frequently witnesses devastating natural disasters flash floods deadly landslides earthquakes and fast melting glaciers which bring extreme adversity to its people with phenomenal economic losses.

Melting Barsuwat Glacier

Gilgit - Baltistan was recently affected by the melting Barsuwat Glacier which caused significant flooding in nearby villages to Ishkoman Valley Ghizer which displaced communities damaged homes and infrastructure destroyed agricultural land and livelihoods in some of the most deprived and underdeveloped regions.

Emergency Relief Aid

Emergency Relief Aid provided to affected flood communities without the means to support themselves lacking basic necessities including food water and sanitation facilities. Financial support also provided to victims who were identified by their communities as most in need.

Ramadaan Food Packages

Ramadaan food packages distributed to the poorest and most impoverished beneficiaries in the affected mountainous communities of Ghizer.

Student Sponsorships

Student sponsorships for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to escape the cycle of poverty by supporting them financially to give them confidence that their education prospects are secure and encourage them to study hard to achieve their goals. Sponsors lift sponsored children by empowering them through education with opportunities to build themselves the lives they deserve.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events not only raise awareness of the charity and its causes but assist displaced communities with funds raised Ayub Hamdard Foundation organised ultimate challenging activities with trekking in Birgal Nala in Ishkoman Valley hiking in Margalla Hills Islamabad and Santa Run London.

Humanitarian Organisation

Ayub Hamdard Foundation as a humanitarian organisation and ecotourism emphasizes environmental awareness more eco-friendly promoting sustainable travel with positive impact on both natural environment and cultural society.

Asumbar Community School

Asumbar Community School for nomadic Gujjar community encourages children to attend regularly provides school education and educational materials. It also provides pupils with uniforms textbooks school equipment and teachers' salaries.


100% of your donation will be used to fund, Schools, Hospitals, community project, so please give generously.
Your Donation can make a real difference to remote communities of the Hindu Kush Mountains, in Pakistan. You can make a Donation directly into our UK or Pakistan bank account.

Thank You.

UK Donations

SORT CODE 30-98-90
AC NO:16064568

Suggested Donations

Donate £1 per month = £12 per year
Sponsor a child £10 per Month = £120 a year
A single donation of £25
Ramadaan Appeal = £50
Winter Appeal = £50

Pakistan Donations

Soneri Bank Limited
Ghakuch Branch Ghizer Gilgit-Baltistan
Account No. 008202013124786
IBAN NO PK16SONE0008202013124786


Karakuram Bank LTD
Chatorkhand Branch, Tehsil Ishkomen
Account Title : Ayub Hamdard Foundation
Bank Account Number: 8892


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